Spin it Up!

Today was spent mostly in the garage/shop, working on bikes, taking care of a few maintenance items, making changes, fixing things… that sort of thing. It was nice to turn up the music and do some laid back work, after all the heavy trail work the past couple weeks.

Yesterday’s (Friday) trail work, about four tons of (really pretty) rockwork, with a berm on top to widen out this turn. Our best work yet so far!

What’s also nice? Having an excuse to fire up the old Atlas metal lathe and make something cool! What’s cool? Custom motorcycle centerstand swingarm spools!

(Click photos to embiggen)

I am happy with how these turned out. (Ba-dum psshh) Stuff like this makes me want to run the metal lathe more.

Walk the walk. ~ Keith Fenner, TurnWright Machine Works

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