Let’s Kick This Pig!

Don’t get lost in a colorful analogy, the pigs are ok. I don’t advocate any pig kicking, or any animal, for that matter.

So, Hi! I’m Kev, and this is my blog. A blog I’ve made to share pictures and tell stories about  what I’m doing about it. About what? Anything I want! Fair warning, there will be bicycles.

Walking Stick says hi!

In Lieu of a Car is to be my outlet, my way of sharing what I’m up to, and an extension of my previous blog, FlagPedals. I enjoyed Flag Pedals, but it was a little bicycling centric (Which isn’t bad!) so I felt that the type of content I could post was somewhat limited. This one is a little more free form.

Probably a good spot to turn around with Henry…

So, why In Lieu of a Car? Well, I’ve met more than a few people who question how I can live without a car, (It’s challenging and easy!) a few who think that not having a four wheeled vehicle is incredibly limiting to what you can do with your life, (It can be if you let it.) some who lump me in with the “jobless/suspended license/freeloader” crowd,(Some of these folks around town are inspiring!) and many who just call me crazy. (I am!) The thing is, a lot of what I do is striving to prove wrong everyone who’s ever told me “You NEED a car!”

Sure, there have been plenty of times that four wheels would have been darn convenient. Yes, I do catch rides with friends in their cars from time to time. But, given enough patience, pedaling  and profanity, I know that just about everything I’ve done with the help of a friend’s car, I could have done with a bicycle or motorcycle. I mean, I’ve moved a houseload of furniture with my bicycles, (Twice!) and ridden across the country a few times on motos. What, I’m not so much anti-engine, or even anti-car, I just prefer half the number of wheels.

My bikes take me places cars (And in some cases, motos) never will.

Obviously, bikes are a big part of my life.

That’s not to say that this blog will be nothing but cycling advocacy and motorcycle propaganda. I’ll also be posting up whatever cool things I’ve been doing or working on or whatnot.

Hanging out in camp.

So, why not Facebook or Instagram, like a normal person?

I’m not normal. I had a big long post typed up about why I want to delete Facebook, but I decided it was too whiny and ranty, for a first real post. The cliff notes of it are that I’m deleting it for my own mental health. I’m just not compatible with social media. So, blog!

Anyways, thanks for reading this far! I hope you hang out, or check back! I’ll be posting more as I write it or take pictures of it. Also, I’m still setting things up, adding pages, deleting pages, making messes, taking naps, the important things.

Take it easy.

You never have the wind with you — either it is against you or you’re having a good day. ~ Daniel Behrman





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